Best Quality Certificate 2005

Grupa Armatura

28 October 2005

Once again the Polish Academy of Quality awarded Armatura Krakow SA its Quality Certificate. This is another award the company obtained recently. The aim of the Quality Promotion Program is to create a modern and attractive image of companies outstanding for the quality of offered products and services. It proves that the Malopolski tap ware and sanitary manufacturer consequently carries out its mission: “We exist to give satisfaction deriving from water, the source of life\". Recently new collections were introduced in the market: Basic Class, Middle Class and Premium Class. Although the premiere show took place in summer but just to remind the stars: Symetric from the Middle Class collection nominated for the title: Product of the Year PRODECO 2005 and Ametyst from the Premium Class collection. The guarantee of top quality of Armatura Krakow SA products is a 100 year warranty, ISO 9001 system, nomination for the prize The Products of the Year PRODECO 2005 for Symetric faucet and from October 14th, the Best Quality Certificate 2005. Once again Armatura Krakow SA proved its faucets to be the Best Quality. The award received is so important as it confirms a general positive opinion about another Polish product.

Best Quality Certificate 2005 for the Armatura Krakow faucets…
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