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To meet our Customers’ expectations, we have prepared an offer of additional services that complement our main scope of activity within the fields of casting, as well as the manufacturing of moulds, spare parts for dies, tools and other foundry elements.

Services for our Partners are carried out by highly-qualified and experienced shop floor personnel, with the support from both a technical engineering team and specialist CAD/CAM software. Our production processes are executed in compliance with national and European standards, guaranteeing the highest quality of products manufactured in our factory.


Armatura Group foundry plant offers cooperation services within the scope of the production of brass casts weighing up to 2.5 kg (casts for fixtures included) with finish (high shine or galvanisation), as well as industrial fittings and other brass parts. In our production processes we use alloys CB754S and CB755S in compliance with the PN-EN 1982 standard. The plant also offers moulded pieces and hot-pressed brass drop-forged elements up to 1.7 kg for use in fixtures and various industries.

The tool room located in the Nisko plant boasts many years of expertise in manufacturing casting moulds for aluminium components, spare parts for moulds (such as sprue bushings, sliders, guide columns), forging moulds and dies, cutters and punches, assembly and machining equipment, as well as special tools (drills, mills, soldering tools). It also offers repairs of casting moulds and equipment and production of a wide range of machinery spare parts. All products are tested for compliance with standards and quality certificate guidelines.


Casts are made as die casts. The plant is equipped with stations for gravitational pouring and low-pressure pouring, presses with pressure up to 4000 KN, and a machine park needed for mechanical machining – castings, forgings, and enabling: boring, drilling, tapping, grinding, and polishing. The manufacturing process uses HOT-BOX and metal cores. CB754S and CB755S alloys are used according to the PN-EN 1982 standard for manufacturing brass casts. Brass rods and pre-cast ingots are used for the production of details.

The tool room is equipped with CNC machine tools (mills and lathes), conventional tools (milling machines, boring machines, lathes, grinders for cylinders and bores, flat grinders, tool sharpeners), as well as locksmith and polishing stations.

Scope of services
  • brass castings weighing up to 2.5 kg,
  • castings of fixtures including surface treatment for high polishing and galvanising,
  • castings of industrial fittings and other brass elements,
  • production of moulded pieces, hot-pressed brass drop-forged elements weighing up to 1.7 kg,
  • production of forged elements for fixtures,
  • production of forged elements for various industries,
  • production of die casting moulds for aluminium according to technical documentation,
  • production of spare parts for moulds (i.e. sprue bushings, sliders, guide columns etc.)
  • production of forging dies and casting moulds,
  • production of punches and dies,
  • production of assembly and machining tools,
  • production of special tools (i.e. drills, milling cutters, soldering tools),
  • renovation of die casting moulds and tooling,
  • production of a wide range of spare parts for machinery.
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