The Armatura Group is a leading producer in the Polish sanitary and heating sector. Benefiting from 100 years of experience and continually growing knowledge on the subject of customer needs and demands, the company has for years successfully provided Polish homes with equipment of the highest quality. The comprehensive assortment includes bathroom and kitchen tap fittings, sanitary ceramic fixtures and bathroom furniture, aluminium heaters and central heating installations as well as water and gas installations. Production and distribution of the offered products are realised by specialised companies.

The Armatoora SA production facility in Nisko, situated in the Tarnobrzeskie Special Economic Zone, is involved in the production of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, aluminium heaters and a wide range of valves.  

The “sanitary installations” section of Armatura Group’s offer includes three classes of tap fitting: Premium, Middle and Basic, differing in the areas of functionality and design. Among the rich assortment of washbasin, bathtub, shower, bidet and sink models, there are also non-touch, thermostatic, special tap fittings, equipped with detachable or concealed head. The company monitors the whole course of the production process – from design, through casting, treatment and finishing with metallic coating, to the final product assembly and check to ensure proper functioning. The Armatura Group also offers functional shower solutions, including point and shifting models as well as elegant sprinklers.

The aluminium heater production conducted in Nisko includes powder painted models with a side or bottom connection. The assortment also includes adjustable connecting elements, central heating installations, distribution installations and protection cabinets. Consistent realisation of a development strategy for this product segment has led to Armatura Group reaching the position of leader on the Polish market of aluminium heaters.

Water and gas installations were added to the product range in 2009, and these include various water valves – discharge, ball valves, strengthened Quadro High Pressure variants, corner, return and flow-through, as well as gas valves and gas or water links. All of these products go through a strict control process, guaranteeing that only products with the highest level of durability, reliability and safety are put into use.

As a result of merger, the Armadimp SA Sanitary Equipment Plant, with its facility in Radom, has belonged to Armatura Group since 2012. Its operations are focussed on production of sanitary ceramic fittings. The new investment has led to widening the product offer and introducing washbasins, toilet bowls, bidets, compact toilets and concealed frames onto the market. A complement to the ceramic products is the collection of bathroom furniture distinguished by its modern design.

Armatura Group’s priority is to constantly raise the level of its offered services. As part of consistent realisation of this strategy, the company has implemented a service system which guarantees repair of defects at the customer’s home within 48 h of notice. Armatura Group, as the first producer in Poland, also introduced a 100-year guarantee on casting elements in all installation models.