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What type of fittings for a small bathroom?

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First of all, a small space bathroom should be functional. That is why we should pay special attention when selecting suitable sanitary facilities, as well as matching fittings. 

While decorating a small bathroom we should be confined to installing only necessary elements of the outfit. However, even a small interior can be arranged in such a way that it perfectly fulfils its basic functions. It is worth choosing a small washbasin and a shower cubicle instead of a bathtub, which shall enable to save additional space. Fixtures, fitting both in respect of their size and design, should be matched with sanitary facilities. You will find interesting models of functional and elegant bathroom taps in our offer of Armatura Group (

Tailor-made washbasin taps

The spout length is of significant importance when selecting fixtures for a small sanitary facilities. In case of small washbasins, short-spout taps shall prove useful, e.g. model Pyrite (Piryt) from Armatura Group collection. It can be distinguished by well-balanced proportions, a modern line and delicately modelled handle. Thanks to subtle shapes as well as a universal stylistics, the Pyrite washbasin tap shall perfectly harmonise with both modernistic and classical interior design. If the washbasin size allows it, you can decide on assembling standing fittings. Diamond (Diament) washbasin tap, which will perfectly blend in with the minimalistic décor of a bathroom, constitutes an interesting proposal. It can be characterised by geometrical form created based on a subtle, elegant design. In case of washbasin of a small surface, wall fittings e.g. double-handle washbasin tap Harmonic, available in our offer of Armatura Group, will also prove useful. The washbasin tap can be characterised by avant-garde stylistics, in which the shape of the handles harmoniously interacts with the whole body. Perpendicularly interpenetrating cylinders emphasize the originality of the model. These fittings will perfectly make fit for brave bathroom interiors.

Concealed shower taps

Sometimes the bathroom space restricts us to such a high extent that we can only install a shower cubicle of the smallest dimensions. In such case concealed fittings taking up slight space shall prove perfectly useful. Connections of this type of taps are concealed in the wall. Only necessary elements are present outside – a spout and elements for temperature and water flow rate adjustment. Depending on individual needs, you can choose a concealed tap with or without a shower switch. Fittings with a switch enable connecting two additional elements – bathtub spout and a shower head. If we want to mount only one element we can choose a tap without a switch, e.g. a classical model Amethyst (Ametyst) from our collection of Armatura Group of a simple yet elegant shape.

Small bathroom shall be decorated functionally and stylishly. Appropriately composed ceramics, elements of the outfit and the details will create a coherent, spectacular total. Properly matched fittings will be an ideal finish of an elegant bathroom.

First of all, a small space bathroom should be functional. That is why we should pay special attention when selecting suitable sanitary facilities, as well as matching fittings.

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